Please read this page before you submit your paper

Economists and professionals working in related fields are invited to submit theoretical and applied papers in all areas of economics for presentation at the Congress.

Each author may submit ONE paper to the EEA sessions and ONE paper to the ES sessions. The same paper can NOT be submitted to both the EEA and the ES sessions.

During the submission process, at least ONE co-author must be a member of the association to which the paper is being submitted, or join that association before submitting.

There will be membership checks during submission so please have your membership email and password ready. If your co-author is a member then please ask him / her to make the submission (the name of presenter can then be changed at a later date).

Papers submitted by people who are not members of the relative associations will be withdrawn. Furthermore, EEA members are reminded that they can only submit one paper to the EEA annual congress per membership so if a member submitted a paper to the EEA Virtual 2021, they will be contacted by the EEA Congress Coordinator and asked to renew membership. If membership is not renewed, the paper will be withdrawn.

All presenters at EEA-ESEM 2022 must be a member of the association in which the paper is being presented (therefore all EEA session presenters must be members of the EEA and all ES presenters must be members of the ES).

On acceptance of the paper, presenters can present only ONE paper in the EEA sessions and only ONE paper in the ES sessions. Accepted papers will only be included in the final programme if presenting authors have registered by May 16, 2022.

Submitting Entire Sessions

The EEA and the ES allow submitters to submit entire sessions. Before you can submit a session, you must first ensure that each paper in your proposed session has already been submitted individually, and thus has submission ID number. Full information on this can be found under "Submit a Session" when you are logged in to the submission section.

If you have any queries about the scientific sessions, please address the programme chairs through (putting which association you are submitting to in the subject of email). All other concerns should also be addressed to

Please note that all papers you wish to be included will have to be submitted by February 15.

To proceed to submit your paper, please click here!