Tuesday, August 23

Moritz Kuhn (University of Bonn)
Martin Holm Asset-Price Redistribution, Florian Scheuer The Returns to High-Powered Entrepreneurship, and Moritz Kuhn Wealth of two nations: The US racial wealth gap, 1860-2020

Intergenerational Mobility - the Role of Parents, Peers and Places
Organiser: Kjell G. Savanes (NHH) 
 Gabriella Conti Health Effects of Prenatal and Infancy Home Visiting Programs by Nurses: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial, Jan Stuhler, Estimating Intergenerational and Assortative Processes in Extended Family Data, and  Kjell G. Salvanes Social Networks, Elite Education and Intergenerational Mobility 

Political Economy of Conflicts and Development
Organiser: Marta Reynal-Querol (UPF)
Nathan Nunn Development Mismatch: Evidence from Land Use Conversion in Pastoral Africa, Ruben Enikolopov Bombs, Broadcasts, and Resistance: Allied Intervention and Domestic Opposition to the Nazi Regime During World War II, and Dominic Rohner Heat and Hate: Climate Security and Farmer-Herder Conflicts in Africa

Social Norms and Inequality in Low Income Countries
Organiser: Lucia Corno (Catholic University of Milan) 
Rosella Calvi Til Dowry Do Us Part: Bargaining and Violence in Indian Families, Augustin Tapsoba Polygyny and the Economic Determinants of Family Formation Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa and Lucia Corno Norms Replacement. A Field Experiment on Female Genital Cutting

Thursday, August 25

Consumption and Wealth Inequalities
Organiser: Eric French (University of Cambridge)
SpeakersHamish Low Consumption and Income Inequality across Generations; Cormac O'Dea Who Benefits from Retirement Saving Incentives in the U.S.? Evidence on Racial Gaps in Retirement Wealth Accumulation; John Jones, Why Do Couples and Singles Save During Retirement?

Innovation and Productivity
Organiser: John van Reenen (LSE) 
Chad Syverson, Raffaella Sadun and John van Reenen

New Frontiers on Measuring and Modelling Business Formation
Organiser: Ayşegül Şahin (UT Austin)
SpeakersJohn Haltiwanger Surging Business Formation in the Pandemic: Causes and Consequences, Pete Klenow Entry Costs Rise with Growth, Ben Pugsley How free is free entry?

Refugee Integration
OrganiserPaolo Pinotti (Bocconi University)
 Elif Kubilay Long-term results from an Educational Intervention on Inter-Ethnic Cohesion; Sandra Sequeira Forced Displacement and Human Capital: Evidence from Separated Siblings; Paolo Pinotti: FORWORK: Fostering Opportunities for Refugee Workers


Tuesday, August 23

Theory: Advances in Decision Theory
Federico Echenique (California Institute of Technology) Recovery of utilities and preferences from finite choice data
Mira Frick (Yale University) Learning Efficiency under Ambiguous Information 

Theory: Advances in Finance
Laura Veldkamp (Columbia Business School) Data and Market Power
Marzena J. Rostek  (University of Wisconsin–Madison) Decentralized-Market Design

Econometrics I
Francesca Molinari (Cornell University)
Aureo de Paula (University College London)

Thursday, August 25

Econometrics II
Abi Adams (University of Oxford)
Isaiah Andrews (Harvard University) Included and Excluded Instruments in Structural Estimation.

Theory: Data, Models and Incentives
Simone Galperti (UC San Diego) False Narratives and Political Mobilization
Sevgi Yüksel (UC Santa Barbara) Mental Models and Learning: The Case of Base-Rate Neglect