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Whilst we were all very excited to be hosted by our colleagues at University of Copenhagen for our first "in-person" congress in two years, and spend time exploring this buzzing city, the continuing challenges of COVID-19, and difficulties in the vaccination roll-out, have forced us to reconsider.

Therefore, for the second year running, EEA and ES will host virtual congresses, and EEA-ESEM will be the first ever virtual congress.

We are disappointed that the academic community will not be able to reunite in 2021, but we are sure that we can replicate the success of our 2020 congresses and bring to you an exciting programme, with innovative sessions (both in the scientific and networking realms).

The local organisers will continue to support the associations, and we are grateful for this. We hope therefore, to bring Copenhagen virtually to you, starting with the pictures below.

Credit - Copenhagen Media Center.

First Image - Martin Heiberg.

Third Image - Daniel Rasmussen.

Fourth Image - Daniel Rasmussen.