EEA Travel Grants

The EEA has made 30 travel grants of €400 available for PhD students who present their paper at the EEA sessions.

These travel grants are available to PhD students presenting whose departments cannot offer any resources for travel & accommodation, or to PhD students presenting from institutions in low/middle income countries. 

Applications for these grants are open between the date of receiving the acceptance letter and May 8, which is a week before the deadline date. 

If you wish to apply, please write to with PhD Travel Grant in the subject line. Please include in your application a letter from your Head of Department confirming that the department has no resources for you. 

The travel grant will only be paid out as a reimbursement after the Congress is closed to those who attended for more than 3 days of the congress. 

If there are more applications than available grants, then the EEA will assign according to a lottery.