34th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association
72nd European Meeting of the Econometric Society

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European Economic Association

The 2019 Scientific Programme Committee Chairs are:

Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary University, CEPR and CEP)
Ricardo Reis (London School of Economics)

Area Coordinators: 

Applied Microeconomics Marco Manacorda and Andrea Weber
Applied Macroeconomics Paolo Surico
Behavioural and Experimental Economics Aniol Llorente-Saguer
Development Rocco Macchiavello
Econometrics Paolo Surico
Economic Geography Daniel Sturm
Economic History Sascha Becker
Economic Theory Paola Manzini
Environmental Ralf Martin
Finance Peter Kondor and Jose Luis Peydro
Industrial Organisation Alessandro Gavazza
International Economics Thomas Sampson
Labour Steve Machin and Josef Zweimuller
Law and Economics Randi Hjalmarsson
Macroeconomics Klaus Adam, Nezih Guner, Refet Gürkaynak and Rachel Ngai
Political Economics Quoc-Anh Do
Public Economics Camille Landais


Full EEA Scientific Programme Committee 2019

Should you wish to have information on EEA scientific sessions, please email eea-chairs@eeassoc.org

Econometric Society

The 2019 Scientific Programme Committee Chairs are:

Raffaella Giacomini (University College London)
Zvika Neeman (The Eitan Berglas School of Economics Tel Aviv University)

Area Coordinators:

Development Economics Rocco Macchiavello
Econometrics Ana Galvao, Andrew Patton and Martin Weidner
Economic Theory Francis Bloch, Alex Gershkov and Massimo Marinacci
Empirical Studies Alma Cohen
Environmental Economics Alma Cohen
Experimental and Behavioural Economics Ro'i Zultan
Finance Chris Julliard and Antonio Guarino
Industrial Organisation Alon Eisenberg
International Economics  Kalina Manova
Labour Economics Itay Saporta
Macroeconomics Nicola Pavoni, Morten Ravn and Antonella Trigari
Political Economy & Public Economics Raphael Franck

Full ES Scientific Programme Committee 2019

Should you wish to have information on ES scientific sessions, please email esem2019manchester@gmail.com

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